Art Experience for Kids K-6th grade

Maryville Public Library will be hosting the NWMSU Art Education Department on the Third Wednesday of every month at 5 p.m. for a special art experience.

TAB LAB experiences will begin with a librarian reading a selected children’s book.  Then kids will choose a prompt provided by Northwest’s art education pre-service teachers and select a studio area they want to explore such as painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, ceramics, etc.  The children will go to the studio area of their choice and produce art with the support of a Northwest pre-service art teacher under the supervision of Northwest Assistant Professor of Art Dyan Akkouche.  Northwest art education students will provide examples of art, including those representing a diversity of cultures and perspectives.

Artworks produced by students will be featured online or in the gallery section of the Maryville Public Library.  This experience will be documented and written about as research on TAB methodology by Professor Dyan Akkouche.

Parents of participants must agree to have their child’s photo taken.  Images may be used as part of advertising for the TAB LAB, in lectures at art education conferences and published as part of the TAB LAB research article. Parents are asked to stay at the library while children participate in the TAB LAB experience and let their child work independently on their art projects.

Register by clicking here or by calling the library at (660)582-5281.

“TAB” stands for “Teaching for Artistic Behavior” and is a student-centered, choice-based art education methodology that was founded on the principle that, “Every child is an artist and the classroom is their studio.” TAB LAB experiences alternate each session between lessons for early elementary (Kindergarten through 2nd grade) and upper elementary (3rd through 5th grade).

The mobile art TAB LAB is funded by the College of Arts and Science at Northwest Missouri State University.  Curriculum and instruction is developed and carried out by pre-service art teachers and faculty in concert with Maryville Public Library staff.

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