Get your high school diploma at last: Excel Adult High School for adults 18 and up

Applications are now open to Maryville Public Library cardholders 18 and up for Gale’s Excel Adult High School. This is a self-paced online program nationally accredited by Cognia to ensure acceptance by employers, colleges, and the military. The program requires commitment of a minimum of eight hours of online work every week. Students may transfer credits from courses already completed at their former high school, and any G.E.D. or HiSET sections completed. Dual credit courses are also offered toward a college degree.

Excel Adult High School also provides:

  • Over 100 online standard, career courses, and college courses
  • Train the Brain unlimited online tutoring
  • Built in ESL component with translation and read-aloud to accommodate language barriers and visual challenges, including dyslexia
  • 7 online ACE college courses offered, A total of 21 college credits can be earned.
  • Support from success coaches and academic counselors for next steps (career, college, etc. )

Interested in applying? Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A photo ID showing you’re age 18 or above, and any other item showing an address within Nodaway County.
  2. A current Maryville Public Library Full Access card. Click here to learn how to get your card.
  3. Completion of the online application found by clicking on the image below. Approval of your application will prompt an email to be sent to you from “” (Please check your spam folder)
  4. After approval, you’ll be prompted to complete a short Life Skills course and then interview with library staff before beginning regular coursework.

To begin the application process, click on the image below or contact Stephanie at

Excel High School Graduation Requirements:

  • 1 Prerequisite Life Skills course
  • English 4.0 credits (8 semesters)
  • Math 3.0 credits (6 semesters)
  • Science 3.0 credits (6 semesters)
  • Social Studies 3.5 (7 semesters)
  • Health/PE 1 credit
  • Fine Arts 1 credit
  • Transfer credits/ Electives of the student’s choice
  • Graduation = 21.5 total credits
  • Excel High School offers generous transfer credit policies.

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