Library Board annexes oversight of 501c3 supporting Foundation and Friends

The nine-member Maryville Public Library Executive Board of Trustees met Tuesday, September 28 at 12:30 and approved a set of revisions to the Charter and bylaws of the current Friends/Foundation organization that would result in a consolidation of the two boards.

As a result, the MPL Executive Board of Trustees which acts as a governing board for the tax-supported Maryville Public Library, will also act as a governing board for the library’s Type 1 501c3 Supportive Foundation, the Second Century Library Fund Foundation. The Foundation was chartered in 2004 to provide supplemental revenue for library operations. Another supporting organization–the Friends of Maryville Public Library–merged with the Library Foundation in 2017.

For more information about these organizations or the meeting, contact Stephanie Patterson at (660)582-5281 or via email at .

SpecialLibraryMeetingAgendaSeptember28, 2021

Foundation,Friends bylaws revised by MPL Executive Board 09.28. 2021

Foundation Charter and Investment Policy (as amended 09.28.2021)

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