Library opens bids for restoration and cleaning of limestone exterior

The Maryville Public Library, located at 509 North Main, Maryville, Missouri is seeking proposals for selective cleaning and repointing of the 109 year-old limestone building located at that address. 

The purpose of this project is to ensure a safe building for the public to use as a library, and to protect the capital assets of the Maryville community by improving the appearance and longevity of the structure while preserving the architectural elements that add value to Maryville’s downtown area.

Scope of Work:  The project will include but not be limited to

  1. Repointing
  2. Employment of hand tools and pneumatic tools to remove loose and deteriorated mortar from around limestone blocks and seams. Preparation of joints by brushing out loose mortar. Mixing and installation new mortar suitable for limestone and matching in color to existing.
  3. Removal and replacement of wood trims and signage as necessary for completion of work.
  4. Removal of excess mortar and mortar smears. Cleaning of each face of masonry unit equally (do not spot clean), using an alkaline or pH-neutral cleaning solution, and a method that is safe for limestone. Non-metallic tools should be used.  
  5. Limestone Masonry repair
  6. Identification, triage, and repair of any cracks or large chips, with emphasis on damage that affects either the structural integrity or the pedestrian-level aesthetics of the building.
  7. Cleanup around these masonry repairs should include the same measures listed above in item 1.C.
  8. Cleaning of cornices, and selected areas of limestone to remove or mitigate existing discoloration.
  9. Use of cleaning materials and methods that are safe for limestone and balance the library’s priorities of public safety, asset stewardship, and aesthetics.
  10. Cleaning of each face of selected masonry unit equally (do not spot clean), using an alkaline or pH-neutral cleaning solution, and a method that is safe for limestone. Non-metallic tools should be used.  

Factors to be considered in choosing the bid:

  1. Relevant qualifications, experience, and references that attest to the firm’s quality in the performance of similar work. Firm should show evidence of specializing in historic building preservation.
  2. The ability to begin and complete all onsite work within a 200 calendar-day period that ends on or before November 30, 2021.
  3. Overall cost.

Bid information must include:

  1. Capacity and capability of the firm to perform the work within 200 days of the Notice to Proceed.
  2. Contact information for at least three references that can testify to the firm’s past performance with respect to quality of work, control of costs, and ability to meet schedules.
  3. A brief description of proposed methods and materials to be used for this project in accordance with generally accepted standards in building preservation.
  4. A cost breakdown between labor and materials.
  5. Information about warranties on materials and labor.
  6. A signature and date.

Before a contract is awarded the following shall also be submitted:

  1. Proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance ($1,000,000 for each occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate.
  2. A certified copy of a performance bond, equal to the contracted amount.

All bidders shall comply with the requirements of Section 285.530 RSMo, E-Verify.

Cleanup and disposal of waste should be included within the scope of work.

This project is NOT expected to be subject to Missouri Prevailing Wage law.

Bidders are required to inspect the site before submitting a bid.

Sealed bids should be submitted via email or in person no later than 5 p.m. CST on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 to the Maryville Public Library, 509 North Main, Maryville, MO 64468.

A complete RFP document can be downloaded below:

For additional information, contact Stephanie Patterson at or Wilma Henggeler at (660) 582-5281.

The Maryville Public Library has the right to refuse any or all bids.

The Maryville Public Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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