Get started borrowing ebooks and downloadable audiobooks

Every month MPL full access cardholders borrow hundreds of library ebooks and downloadable audiobooks through the free Libby for Overdrive app on their device. Using this service requires the following:

  1. A current Full Access Library card in good standing with Maryville Public Library or some other library.
  2. You will need the 14-digit number on the back of your library card and the phone number we have on file for you in order to log in to Libby. If you have trouble logging in, please call the library at (660)582-5281.

If you’d like to watch step-by-step instructions, view this video or click and play our tutorial below.

The Libby app is designed to work with our Missouri Libraries 2 Go (Overdrive) ebook collection.

Need to apply for a library card? Learn more here.

For further assistance, contact the library.

General information about Libby for Overdrive can also be found at Libby Help and  Libby for Overdrive

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