Book bundles for kids and teens now available to full access cardholders

Would you like to have a “personal shopper” to check out books at the library for your kids and teens? The Maryville Public Library will now put together book bundles upon request to save you time and allow you to social distance. We do the browsing for you! What is your child interested in? That can be the requested theme. Bundles can either be on a requested theme or a surprise collection put together by library staff.

Full access cardholders can order by emailing, calling 660-582-5281 or printing off the menu, filling it out and dropping it in the drop box or at the front desk. After orders are submitted and fulfilled, patrons will be notified that their bundle is ready just as if they had placed a reserve. Fulfillment will usually be completed within a day, but allow for one week before books are needed in case of high volume of requests. Bundles can be picked up at the front desk or delivered to your car. Click the link for the menu.

Books can be returned to the outdoor drop box or the quarantine bin inside. Please return books in the bag. Questions? Call us at 660-582-5281.

This service requires a Maryville Public Library full access library card. Need one? Find out how to apply here.

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