Elizabeth Argo Presents: Kids Like Me: Diversity in Children’s Literature online presentation

Maryville Public Library is pleased to share an opportunity to learn more about evaluating children’s books on the basis of different types of diversity. In her presentation, MPL Youth Services Coordinator Elizabeth Argo observes where diversity is both present and absent in children’s literature, in terms of race, economic status, abilities, and more.

Emphasis is given to Social Identity Theory and Intersectionality, each offering an ethical framework developed and increasingly prescribed in recent decades by university social and political science departments as a remedy to certain injustices, both material and perceived.

Tools currently used by social scientists invite individuals to self-identify using a pre-selected group of characteristics and then focus on perceiving otherwise unseen privileges and oppression. A list of MPL children’s books relevant to this theme is provided as part of the presentation!

To view the presentation, click here.

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