Library Offers Virtual Tech Connect Sessions

The library is excited to offer Virtual Tech Connect for Kids videos this summer.  We will cover an array of websites and apps that will keep your children entertained and learning throughout the summer.  Videos will be coming soon to our blog and Facebook page, with no registration required. First, I would like to share a little bit about coding and why we offer this type of children’s programming.

Coding.  Lately this has become a buzzword for kids and it seems like it is mandatory for them to learn coding.   Are your kids missing out if they haven’t mastered a programming language?

The short answer is, no.  They are okay with not having any coding experience.  They don’t need to know how to build a computer or to create an entire website or code a game in order to be successful in the future.

So what is coding, really?  It is about teaching kids computer science, how different types of technology work, and yes, they can learn to create a game or a website.  However, the core concepts behind coding aren’t learning new vocabulary or perfectly entering in a programming language.

Following a task list, figuring out ways to solve a problem, working to find the simplest solution and not just the easiest one, using creativity to build something new, and learning logic concepts can be gained by learning coding.

Learning a programming language and coding something is a detailed, nit-picky process.  When really, what we want is to teach kids the basics behind it.  That’s why so many of the coding apps and websites look like games.  I promise you, your kids will have fun, but they are not just playing a game.  They are using logic and problem-solving skills.  They are learning to follow instructions to complete a task.  They are learning the best way to create a quality product.  

Your child might grow up and want nothing to do with a career in a technology field.  But if you take a look at the skills above, you can see that any job will use the skills that coding helps to teach kids.  Coding certainly isn’t the only way to teach kids problem-solving or creativity.  There are so many ways that kids learn and coding is just one option.  They might just dive into coding  and fall in love with it.

While the library offers Tech Connect for Kids, (approximately 6 and up) all of the resources available are great for adults as well.  In fact, they might be more challenging than you think!  Most of our Virtual Tech Connect videos will be aimed towards beginners and hobbyists, but there will be a few links for older kids and adults that are ready to learn about computer science in depth or those that want to learn a programming language.  In addition to the video content and web-based resources that will be provided, the library also has many books available for all ages that cover different coding languages.

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