Stick with credible sources to avoid misinformation on virus

To follow virus-related news, stay focused on these websites: 

CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) 

Nodaway County Public Health Center

Nodaway County coronavirus infection dashboard

National Institutes of Health Tracks current research and offers links to guidelines for organizations and businesses from the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

WHO (World Health Organization)

State of Missouri

To learn about local closings and cancellations:  Nodaway Broadcasting

Don’t forget your local newspapers: Maryville Forum and Nodaway News Leader

Quick help sheets and video:

A  useful one-page fact sheet on COVID-19:  COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Guidelines for commercial establishments: workplace-school-and-home-guidance

A helpful video on effective washing or sanitizing  of hands:

The City of Maryville has a good list of resources: Additional Resources

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