Tech Connect: LittleBits wraps up

Tech Connect: LittleBits students have spent the last several weeks completing projects while learning about circuits, the difference between input and output, and the importance of sequence.  LittleBits are electronic, magnetic building blocks that have various functions.  The kids have had a lot of fun using the LittleBits to problem solve how to move paper balls from one square to another and how to increase the hauling capacity of a Lego cart attached to a LittleBits car.  They learned the importance of sequence as they created a working ‘smart’ flashlight.

We also incorporated art by creating a spinning monster.  There were a lot of giggles as they watched their creations spin around and around.  One of our loudest sessions involved creating a throwing arm from LittleBits.  Figuring out how to throw paper around using technology was really fun!

At our last session we went all out and created a Bubble Blower.  The kids worked together to create the LittleBits circuit that would enable them to blow bubbles.  Is there anything more fun than seeing how big you can get your bubble to be?  These 8-14 year olds found one thing more exciting–popping the bubbles!

Overall, everyone had a lot of fun and learned a lot as we wrapped up our 7-week Tech Connect.  The library will have more tech opportunities this summer so be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.


River shows off a monster he made.
Calvin works on a project that will spin around.
Elley, Ryker and Gracen work on creating spinning monsters.
Oleg, Ben and Carson decide on a plan.
Wilson, Luke and DeMarco build a cart that will be attached to a LittleBits car.
Carson, Ryker and Ben work on building a cart that will be attached to a LittleBits car.
Calvin, Matthew and Carson experiment with a LittleBits circuit.
Wilson, Ben and Ranolee problem solve their LittleBits flashlight.
Gracen and Matthew use LittleBits to figure out how to move a paper ball from one square to another.
Carson and Oleg need to move their paper ball from one square to the other using LittleBits.
Luke and Ranolee figure out how to use LittleBits and  building supplies to move a ball from one square to the other.
Ben and Elley work on their LittleBits circuit.

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