Beanstack App Updated

While Beanstack has been around for years, the app for mobile devices was just launched prior to summer reading program. It has made some significant improvements by listening to feedback from its users and as a mom with three kiddos in the summer reading program, I love it and use it nearly daily.

One of the most significant changes is that now instead of just starting a reading session, there is also a button that lets you log a previous reading session. This is much easier for those days you might forget. If you need to enter the book you can just scan it or type in the title.

Remember  you don’t need to record titles if you choose not to. However, when using the app, it asks for a title. If it is helpful, you can put in a partial title or your best memory of what the title was. It doesn’t have to be exact, and you do not have to have pictures of the book.

For those who enjoy the website more than the app, you can still access the website on your phone. Just go to and the website is very mobile responsive and looks great on smart phones. I used the website before updates were made to the app.

Paper trackers are still available at the front desk for families who keep track in Beanstack, but also like to have that motivator in plain sight.

Another update is you no longer have to hit Count Title As Completed and Move to History separately. Now when you finish a book, just hit the toggle button for Count as Completed and it will automatically also change to toggle that now reads Move from Reading to Archive. This makes what you see in the app consistent with what library staff sees as completed titles on the computer at the library.

One of my favorite features on the app is the timer. When doing a read-aloud for all three children, I click on the book we are reading, then Start Reading Session. I can then click on all three kids and start the timer. Then I just stop the timer when we are finished reading and save it. The time is then logged for each child individually. I also enjoy clicking on Highlights at the bottom of the screen and see what my child’s activity level has been like for the week, month or year. I can see how many hours, days and pages they have read.

If you have any questions about the Beanstack app or website, please ask at the front desk or call 582-5281.

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