1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

 Want to give your baby or toddler the best start possible for school success? Sign up for the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program at MPL and start them on the road to reading. The program is adapted from a national program based on research that one of the most reliable predictors of school success is being read to during early childhood.

  1,000 Books Before Kindergarten is an easy-to-follow program designed to help parents and children get in the habit of reading on a regular basis. Reading to babies and toddlers builds critical language and social emotional skills and reinforces the bond between parent and child. 

Reading logs will be available to help parents track the number of books read to their child before kindergarten. Parents can also choose to download the 1,000 Books app for iPhone and android. The library will have small incentives when the child reaches certain milestones. Does the goal of reading a 1,000 books sound daunting? It shouldn’t! If a parent reads one book a day to their child, that’s 365 books read. By year three, the child will have read 1,095 books. The level of 1,000 books is based on current research that emphasizes the importance of reading aloud to children from birth onward.

To get started, pick up your 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten reading logs at Maryville Public Library.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Argo at 660-582-5281 or youthcoordinator@maryvillepubliclibrary.org.

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